Wondering if now is the time to invest in nickel? Junior Stock Review’s Brian Leni explains what to look for in a nickel mining company.


  1. Good video, the one thing I would disagree with is the current state of political risk associated with Ecuador. He is correct that the political climate in 2014 that caused Kinross to sell the Fruta Del Norte mine to Lundin Gold was a very negative environment toward mining.

    Over the past five years that political climate has done a 180 degree change. The previous administration that was trying to limit mining and placing increasing taxes on the companies has been replaced by and administration that recognizes the value mining can add to the economy of the country, and the local populations are seeing the financial benefit of having the miners in their country.

    For example, Lundin Gold is employing a large percentage of their workforce from the local population and they are also spending a significant proportion of their procurement dollars in the local and regional economy. This is recognized by the national government as a positive alternative to onerous tax structure as a way to get and keep value in country.

    In fact the Ecuadorian Government has signed Exploitation and Investment Protection Agreements with Lundin Gold in 2016 protecting the rights of the mining company against the issues that were previously concerns.

    I think this video is well done but perhaps the presenter may want to dig deeper into current situation in the country of Ecuador rather than repeating a perspective that is no longer valid IMO.