Thursday, May 28, 2020

Meeting at PDAC

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    Had the chance to meet Michel at PDAC and I must say, he was very welcoming and spent some time explaining the CARDS system to me. I have been invested in Albert Mining for a bit now and I have always liked their projects. Unfortunately, they haven’t done a lot of marketing, so the story has stayed in the shadows. But Michel assured me that they were revamping the way they do business and have been working hard on new contracts. I believe that part of my dd is to get to know who I are investing in… After meeting him, I am satisfied with my investment.
    How many of you made it to the AIIM booth at PDAC and what was your impression?


    I met Michel and Jean at the PDAC booth and was very impressed. I’ve been a shareholder for over a year and have continually added to my position. I agree that AIIM has gone practically unnoticed for a while but I was happy with that because I was able to buy shares from 3-5 cents. However those days are gone. Since the nr of their 28th discovery, many mining outfits are aware of AIIM and the value they can add to their own bottom line. I saw the booth full of intrigued mining executives asking Michel questions and it looked like many meetings were set up. With AIIM’s new royalty revenue structure, this will surely be a winner. I am excited to hear of new contracts that have been signed soon. This 10 cent sp is still a steal but I can’t see it trading here for long. I think AIIM will have more work than they can handle. That bodes well for them because they can then choose the more lucrative ones!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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