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    Talk about Windfall Geotek Geology


    Some folks might already know this detail. Nevertheless I spent a couple of hours digging diligence on this Speculative contrarian post on three boards SHL, NOB & AIIM yesterday (Mar 8th 19.) is not a huge concern.

    Taken from SHL news-release

    “The dunite intersected by the Crawford drilling has been extensively serpentinized similar to Dumont and hence is considered to have the potential to contain recoverable nickel. ……….
    indicates that the Crawford drilling yielded long intervals with average grades of nickel, cobalt and platinum-palladium (referred to as PGEs or Platinum Group Elements) significantly higher than those at the Dumont deposit.”

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    Awaruite, everything you need to know.
    SHL, Crawford Township > Nickel drill cores stand up to the challenge when compared to Dumont.

    Purely, Perceived and Misplaced Speculation.
    by Brandy
    *InsideX, The Inside Edge
    Mar. 14, 2019.

    The paper listed below is an independent view of RNC’s Dumont nickel project.
    Note: Dumont expecting to begin development in 2019.

    Spruce Ridge Resources (SHL) uses AI to see the future early. SHL combines with AIIM Artificial Intelligence via CARDS to identify Nickel and Platinum Group Elements. Prior metallurgical test works by Noble (NOB) may indicate 2012 testing reveals a deposit ripe for additional high value speculation…. Perceived and Misplaced Speculation points to tepid confirmation as potential for additional performance on further exploration and drilling outcomes. GLTA.

    Generation of high-Ni sulfide and alloy phases during serpentinization of the Dumont Dunite,
    by: Michelle Sciortino 2014

    “Assemblages which are completely serpentinized contain lesser nickel in silicates, higher nickel tenor sulfides…..”

    * Perceived and Misplaced Speculation for information purposes only.

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