About us

Retail investors don’t always have time to do due diligence, often spending hours sifting through Social media, news releases, investing forums, Sedar filings and the internet in search of information. This can be a daunting task while balancing family life and when money is involved its very important to understand what you are investing in. Research analysts today often use dialect that is confusing for the average retailer to comprehend, especially when they are not familiar with the mining sector or investing in general. At Insidexploration, we locate analytics and bring the story to the forefront of the investing world to help simplify the process. Over the last 20 years marketing has changed immensely and we as a society are becoming more visually dependent. Studies show that investors are turning to interactive technologies for information gathering purposes., so we offer a more efficient way of obtaining due diligence. We offer extended analytics on publicly listed companies in the junior mining sector so you don’t have to spend hours researching. By using video footage, interviews, 3d models and articles, we aim to help make investors feel like a part of the story. This makes for a more educated base of investors that have a true understanding of their investments.

Mike Coyle


Research Analyst

Jody Gillies


IT Specialist