AIIM – Cards Evaluation Report – James Bay Kimberlite Property


James Bay Kimberlite Property, which consists in 21 small blocks of claims (131 CDC claims) surrounding the Renard Diamond Mine and the Adamantin Project of Stornoway, will be followed in early July by till sampling immediately downice from the 37 kimberlite targets that were scored by rank of priority by the use of the Computer Aided Resource Detection System (CARDS). This territory became a focal point for diamondiferous kimberlites exploration following the discovery of diamonds in the Renard and the Beaver Lake sectors. The helicopter borne sampling will be carried out by two contract geologists including Hugo Grenon with strong experience in kimberlite exploration and Remi Charbonneau specialized in glacial sediment investigation.  The samples (15 kg each) will be promptly submitted to Overburden Drilling Management of Ottawa for the identification of kimberlitic indicator minerals.


In 2016DIAGNOS used its proprietary Computer Aided Resource Detection System (CARDS) to target the kimberlitepotential of the South LG4-High Eastmain (Baie James) area, lies to eastern portion of the Superior Province. This territory became a focal point for diamondiferous kimberlitesexploration following the discovery of diamonds in the Renard and the BeaverLakesectors. The Renard kimberlites are recognized for their large stones, like famous transparent diamond weighing more 4 carats.The purpose of this study was to identify favorableexploration kimberlite targets based on the analysis of all available geophysical and surfacedata using artificial intelligence and data mining techniques.During the months ofJanuary 2016through to March2016, over 23,912km2were subject to evaluation by DIAGNOSin theNorthern Quebecregion between the 50thand the 55thparallels using a mosaic of two leveledand merged airborne magnetic-spectrometric surveys of the South LG4 and the High Eastmainareas, Baie James (Sigeom, MRN, Quebec).Twelve (12) knownkimberlitepipesof the Renard and the BeaverLakeoriginated from the Sigeom database (MRN, Quebec)and from the Stornoway Diamond Corporation(NI 43-101-Report, 2013)whereused as positive training data. Two(2) different models, such as the Kimberlite Similarity algorithm (KSM) and the Positive-Negative algorithm,at a 60m resolution were generated over theSouth LG4-High Eastmain modelingarea. DIAGNOS generated two categoriesof 16and 106Kimberlite Pipe Targets(KPT_BJ_2016)based on two levels of similarityat 95% and 90%.In May 2016 DIAGNOS staked 131 non-contiguous claim blockscovering two groups of 9 and 28 Kimberlite Pipe Targets based on two levels of similarity at 95% and 90%,beside the new diamond Renard mine and the new 167 extension road.A first phase of exploration work program is suggested to be conducted over these 131 property claims regarding 37 CARDS kimberlite targets, for a total amount $154,551.95.

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