AIIM – Cards Technical Evaluation Report Wachigabau Lake Property


The Wachigabau property covers five gold targets and one copper target selected from the CARDS computer program of Albert Mining.  It includes 33 map designated claims (CDC), totalling 1842.03 hectares. The property lies within the southern band (Caopatina Segment) of the Chibougamau-Matagami archean greenstone belt. The Wachigabau property surroundings hosts two gold deposits (Short Lake & Mariposite) and three known gold and base metals showings (Lac Relique-Ouest, Simard & Lac Lapointe SE) within a 15 km radius. A geochemical survey covering the CARDS gold targets hidden below thick overburden is recommended to validate their mineral potential.


On behalf of DIAGNOS Inc., a CARDS technical evaluation was carried out over the Lebel project. The purpose of this study was to identify favourable exploration targets based on the analysis of all available geophysical and borehole data using artificial intelligence and data miningtechniques.During the months of April through May 2010, over 3,685 km2 were subject to evaluation. The Lebelstudy area was used in three different models; gold, copper and copper-zinc models for which targets were generated. The priority targets, selected basedon their high similitude to the known gold, copper or zinc mineralization, led to the staking of different properties throughout the modelling area, such is the case for the Wachigabau Lakeproperty.The Wachigabau Lake property consists of 33 map designated claims, totalling 1,842.03 hectares (18.81 km2). Located 40 km east of Desmaraisville and 60 km southwest of Chapais within NTS map sheet 32G/12, the project lies within the southern band (Caopatina Segment) of the Chibougamau-Matagami archean greenstone belt. The Caopatina Segment is a volcano-sedimentary rock assemblage composed of two principal formations: the Obatogamau formation, a vast plain of tholeiitic basalts with a few mafic to felsic volcanic centers, and the Caopatina formation, an overlying sedimentary sequence.The property has seen very limited exploration work over the years. Most ofthe work consisted of rocks sampling, regional and local geophysical and geochemical surveys. Only one drill hole has been drilled on theproperty.Tools, such as the CARDS models generated on the Lebel project, has allowed for the Wachigabau Lake property to be highlighted based on its similarities to known mineralizations of the Lebel area. Therefore, the gold and copper targets generated and presented in this report should be prioritized based on the evaluation of all available geoscientific information and be validated by a reconnaissance fieldsurvey.

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