AIIM – Technical Report on the Chapais Property


Au, Cu, Zn

The Chapais property consists of 50map designated and staked claims(November 2015 update),owned at 100% by DIAGNOSInc.,totalling 23.37km2.Located 2 km west of the town of Chapaiswithin NTS map sheet 32G/15, the project lies inthe Chapais mining district.The Chapais district is extremely rich in Copper, having the highest average ore grade in the Abitibi (2.25% Cu), with lesser gold as well. The district is host to 4 past producing mines,which from 1953 to 1991 produces well over 1 billion pounds of copper and 1 million ounces of goldand over a dozen significant gold and base metal showings. To date the only mineralization style of economic value to be discovered is of filonien (Opémiska type) copper rich vein typology.The Chapais property is located in the upper part of the stratigraphic volcanic sequences of northeastern Abitibi where the ultramafic Cumming Complex intrudes mafic and felsic rocks of the Waconichi Fm and mafic rocks of the upper Roy Group.The property straddles a complex west northwest-trending anticline and folded and sheared homoclinal interstratified vertical sequences of basalts, gabbro, rhyodacites and pyroxenites. Mineralization on the Chapais property maybe of Opémiska style copper vein typology, particularly given its proximity to the Springer and Perry mines. The mineralized veins of the Springer mine are restricted to fracture networks contained in the ophitic parts of the gabbroic Venture sill, which continues into the Chapais property.Despite the long mining history, the Chapais claim block has seen only a modest amount of exploration and many areas remain relatively unexplored. In fact, excellent potential remains to discover new zones of mineralization or extensions of previouslydiscovered mineralized bodies.During the months of April trough to May of 2010, over 704 km2were subject toa CARDS(Computer Aided Resource Detection System)evaluation, carried out by DIAGNOS Inc.,over the Chapais area. The purpose of this study was to identify favourable exploration targets based on the analysis of all available geophysical and downhole data using artificial intelligence and data mining techniques.The Chapais study area generatedthree different models; gold, copper and zinc models from which targets were identifiedon the property. The priority targets, selected based on their high similitude to the known gold, copper or zinc mineralization, remain untested and should be prioritized based on the evaluation of all available geoscientific information and be validated by a reconnaissance field survey.It should lead to further investigation using geophysics and definition of drill targets. Theproperty is of value because it includes both a highly prospective region (northern section of the claim block) located in a geologically significant environment and a well worked region (south east section of claim block) that could still benefit from further drill testing. Furthermore, over 60% of the 132 drill holes located on the current claim block were extremely shallow, 34 never exceeded 100m depth and a further 49 did not exceed 200m.

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