iMetal Resources (TSX.V: IMR) announced today that they have contracted Abitibi Geophysics Inc., (“Abitibi”) to perform IP surveys using Abitibi’s proprietary OreVision® IP system.

iMetal started off the year by announcing the latest from work completed on Zone 1 (refer to press releases, November 28​th, 2018, March 1st​, 2019 and May 16th, 2019) and Zone 3 (refer to press releases November 9​th​, 2017, January 25​th​, 2018, February 14​th, 2018, April 23​rd​, 2018 and November 23​rd​, 2018), and from those results announced they are exploring these zones further with “The high resolution and deep penetrating proprietary geophysical survey can penetrate down to a depth of 440 meters.

Dave Gamble reviews channel sampling locations in Zone 3

Dave Gamble, P.Geo and iMetal’s QP, commented:The propriety IP surveys should provide us with immediate drill targets this summer in several locations. This is the primary geophysical survey method that was used historically to identify and explore the Juby deposit a few years ago.   As we keep exploring, we see the same alteration and rock types as well as lithologies such as red jasper(s) in pebbles and boulder conglomerate from the recently identified Zone 1 South down to Zone 3A in an apparent 6 km N-S trend with secondary fault system(s) along it.   We are currently sampling in the areas in between and around our geophysical targets also in the vicinity.  Extensive clear cutting and logging operations at Gowganda West have been critical factors in giving us important access and also exposing new very favorable outcrop with potential for high-grade gold and copper mineralization.  Our exploration team is currently working diligently, exploring and sampling in this area.

iMetal’s newly discovered Zone 1 South is just a few hundred meters south of the Juby deposit property boundary with grab and channel samples which assayed up to 39.3 g/t gold featuring a trending north-south system.  This area identified by the VTEM survey target area Z-1A and confirmed by recent drilling follows an apparent geological north–south trend 6km to the south to Zone 3A/3B where high-grade gold and copper showings have been found, including grab and channel samples of up to 56.6 g/t gold and 2.6 % copper.  

Zone 1 South showing previous drill targets and channel sampling
Zone 1 showing planned IP Survey Grid
Zone 3 A and B
Zone 3 showing planned IP Survey Grid

This summer’s exploration activities will include conducting and interpreting additional IP and identifying multiple drill targets on the Gowganda West property.  With the identification of the 7 anomalies outlined by Geotech (refer to May 16th, 2019 News release), iMetal is encouraged and confident that there is a high probability of identifying 2-3 more priority targets this summer.   iMetal is in regular communication with La Framboise drilling, who is eagerly awaiting IP results and have a drill rig ready to be deployed once drill targets have been finalized.

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