Max Resource – Gachala Sedimentary Copper

Project Overview

Gachala Project Location & Map

The 100% owned 13,677 hectare Gachala Copper Project is located 60kms east of Bogata, Colombia, and covers an aggregate total of 39-line kms of the 250km by 120km belt of Devonian through Cretaceous age rocks in a geological setting conducive to hosting sedimentary copper deposits, believed to be analogous to the Zambian Copper Belt of Africa. (Source: Rodriguez and Warden (1993). Overview of some Colombian gold deposits and their development potential. Mineralium Deposita Volume 28, pages 47-57) The Gachala mineralization appears to be localized at the contact between the Devonian-Permian red beds overlying Cretaceous reducing black shales, one of the settings typical of these copper deposits.

These 4 license applications are contiguous to the three of the earlier license applications southwest of the Cano Negro area, where historic sampling has identified a 25-kilometre strike length of copper enrichment with grades ranging from 0.6% to 13% copper. (Source: C. Rodriguez and A.J.Warden. 1993 Overview of Some Colombian Gold Deposits and Their Development Potential. Mineralium Deposita Volume 28, pages 47-57.) The Cano Negro area appears to lie on the eastern limb of the 32 kilometre “Anticlinal Montecristo”.

Exploration In Motion

Gachala Copper September to year end exploration

Composition of historical data and the Long wave infrared (LWIR) survey have identified copper/cobalt occurrences over significant areas, these are in process of field visits and of staking. We also have exploration results pending.

Geological Survey

The Colombian Geological Survey has identified a 4-kilometre-long cobalt anomaly on the western side of two of the license applications. The Company’s in country geologist is currently researching the Colombian databases for details on the cobalt. This metal is of extreme interest to the Company as cobalt is one of the key accessory metals for sedimentary copper deposits.

Looking Forward

Our Colombian exploration team, lead by Mr. Carlos Gaviria will commence surface survey exploration programs to locate and identify bedrock copper mineralization and follow up the cobalt anomaly to identify targets for trenching and diamond drilling throughout the 7 license applications. Further ground will be added to the Gachala land package as exploration results warrant.