RJK Explorations Ltd. has entered into a property option agreement with Anthony “Tony” Bishop for the Bishop Nipissing Diamond Properties, exploration properties totaling 2090.2 hectares encompassing at least 18 potential kimberlite pipes located approximately 10 km south of Cobalt, Ontario.

Tony Bishop, Prospector, has spent over 4 years looking for the source of the Nipissing Yellow Diamond that was found sometime during the development of the silver mines at Cobalt, Ontario in the 1903 to 1905 time period. After closely following Bishop’s work for the last year and reviewing all of the data that Bishop has compiled, including a NI-43-101 technical report, RJK has decided to option the property and will initially drill the mostly likely potential kimberlite pipes that Bishop believes the Nipissing Yellow Diamond may have come from.

The Bishop claims are situated in a well-established kimberlite field within the Lake Temiskaming Structural Zone. All are on Crown Land, are mostly on high, dry, well-drained topography. Drivable logging roads are within one kilometre or less, affording easy access. Close by are 3 hydro-electric facilities, a large electric wind farm and a gas pipeline. The Trans-Canada Hwy is also very close, as is the train station in Cobalt, an area with a well-established historical mining history.

Property Maps

Presentation – Bishop Nipissing Diamond Project