We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the owner of Eagle Geoscience, Steve Labranche. who recently did some work for RJK Explorations. Listen to what he has to say about RJK and the search for the source of the Nipissing Diamond…

“We ran some algorithms based on known Kimberlite, close to be economic, 95-2 is one of them. It’s about 20 km to the North of RJK, you find another one like that, you have a diamond mine in Cobalt!”

Steve Labranche

Get an in depth look at what he has identified to be two of the most prospective targets on the RJK property in a 3D block model and an explanation of why he felt that his targets could very well be economic kimberlite pipes. He also highlighted several other potential pipes on the RJK land claims and why the region is highly prospective for diamonds

For more information on the Nipissing Diamond watch our 800 carat Nipissing Diamond Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYVmywQcQMo

For more information on prospecting behind Cobalt from diamond explorer Tony Bishop himself, watch our video covering the Search for the Source of the Nipissing Diamond. https://youtu.be/uSB_bz7pG0c

For more information on RJK Exploration visit: https://www.rjkexplorations.com/ or https://insidexploration.com/rjx/

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