Brossard, Quebec – The Newswire – February 6, 2020 – Windfall Geotek (TSXV:WIN) A pioneer and leader in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced knowledge-extraction techniques since 2005 in the mining sector, is very excited to announce that it has begun a feasibility study for a drone based Anti-Personnel Mine and Improvised Explosive Device solution. A CARDS AI based hardware and software solution using MAG, LIDAR, and other sensor technologies is currently in testing, with positive preliminary results. Approximately CAD $700,000,000 was spent in 2019 to deal with this problem and could represent a substantial new revenue stream for Windfall Geotek.

Windfall Geotek will use data provided from a drone leading edge UAV Magnetic airborne survey company (Magnetic, Lidar and Digital Terrain Model data) coupled with CARDS AI to identify multiple APM and IED devices in a variety of terrain and contexts. CARDS AI’s proven capabilities in the mining sector over the past 15 years should be a game changer in the resolution of a devastating problem that kills or maims over 20,000 people annually, many of whom are children.  It is estimated that there are 110 million land mines deployed in communities across 82 countries around the world, a number that is sadly growing in our current geopolitical environment.  

“Land mines and improvised explosives exact a horrible toll on children and farming families, In my work at Patriot One and other artificial intelligence  based companies, I have sought out technology that can make the world a better place through AI and Machine Learning. It is clear from my discussions with global channel partners and resellers in the public safety and defense sector this solution could save thousands of lives all around the world.”

Dinesh Kandanchatha, Chairman of Windfall Geotek

About Windfall GeotekPowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) since 2005

Windfall Geotek is a services company using Artificial Intelligence (AI) with an extensive portfolio of gold, copper and zinc properties in Quebec. Windfall Geotek can count on a multidisciplinary team that includes professionals in geophysics, geology, Artificial Intelligence, and mathematics. The Company’s objective is to develop a new royalty stream by significantly enhancing and participating in the exploration success rate of mining.

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